I am looking for compassionate, creative, and fun-loving individuals, families or groups to collaborate with me in this project. You do not need to consider yourself an 'artist' to apply. My ideal participants are invested in their community, interested in public art, and specifically excited about being part of a global project fueled by social media and the ephemeral beauty of these magnetic butterflies.

There are some requirements, so please read through all of them and make sure you can meet them all before you send me an email.

You need to have access to the internet during the time you have the butterflies. Hopefully this is a low bar considering how amazingly connected the world is these days, but if you are in a rural region, you need to be able to post photos and updates regularly during your four week session.

You, or someone you know, needs to have a digital camera and be able to photograph each butterfly installation. It would be best if the camera is of a higher quality than the ones in smart phones, but if that is your only option it may be fine. You will be uploading these images to this site as well as other social media platforms so you must also keep track of the locations and dates of each of the installations.

You need to be able to install at least 10 times during your four week period. These do not all need to be with all 400 butterflies, and you will find that you can do five or more small-medium sized installations in an hour. It goes even faster if you already have places in mind, so pre-planning can be a help if you have a busy life. In general, you should be able to give 2 hours a week to the project.

As a representative of this project, you must respect private property and public art sculptures and only install on metal structures that are clearly public. If you have a question about a building facade, for example, just go inside and ask the owner. These small magnets are harmless to the surfaces they stick on, but because of the large scope of this endeavor, I do not want the project to gather a bad reputation. Please be respectful.

During your installations, there will probably be people who come up to you and ask about the project. As a collaborator, you should be able to engage with them, describe the project, and encourage them to follow it on various social media platforms.

At the end of your four weeks, you must pack up the butterflies, notebook, how-to guide and first aid kit, and send it along to the next participant. I may find away to help by cross-dress money to pay for the shipping cost, but for now each participant should be prepared to spend around $50 to ship the butterflies to the next destination.

Finally you must shepherd and protect, to the best of your abilities, all 400 butterflies lent to you during the four weeks. Obviously accidents happen, but for the sake of the people coming after you, you must try to keep the swarm together. If you find that a magnet is coming loose, it is your responsibility to take the butterfly first aid kit provided for you and sew the magnet back into place. For the most part, maintenance will probably not be necessary, but it is an important part of keeping these butterflies healthy.

If you are excited about this and want to apply to participate, please send an email with your name, full address and a few sentences explaining your interest to the email below.

I do not know how competitive this will end up being, but because the main goal is geographic diversity, only one person from any given population center will be selected. By the end of August I will have finalized all the locations and order and I will ask everyone involved to look over and sign a contract that establishes my continual ownership of the butterflies as well as the publication rights to the photographs submitted to the project. In short, each photographer maintains her/his ownership of their individual photos, but grants me their use of them in all future digital and physical publications as visual representations of The Swarm project.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to collaborating with you!